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beach body coaching

Boy have you seen the Beachbody coaches that are online lately, it seems like they are everywhere, that workout videos seem to be really growing, I know it is on the TV allot and the workouts seem to work well. I have done some of them myself. I know there are allot of people that make money doing this type of business.

there are more and more people getting into BeachBody and they are getting results. as an older adult I was very much out of shape and I started to feel like I was so far out of shape that I was going to have a heart attach or something before I knew it, so my girlfriend and I decided to get the P90X program and stick to the workout program no matter what.

well after all but passing out a few times from crashing out our bloodsugar we figured out what we were doing wrong, so slowly but surely we got a little more in shape, it felt really good to not be out of shape and worn-out when just walking accross the parkinglot. I could only do about  10 pushups when I started and now its up to 15 plus after ony a month or so,

Well after another month we were doing things like pullups and with a chair of corse but I felt stronger than I was before and getting a V shape and I liked this new look. wow how could this be we started just a few months ago and now doing things I never could do even when I was a young man, so much was looking up after this transformation . my mood got better as well and her’s did as well. we kept each other accountable and then we decided to eat cleaner

that started to help with weight loss in a big way, she and I both started dropping pounds and inches and we were so happy to see this added to our success. well I will go over some more at a later time.

the SEO guy

Quentin Craft is know to the be the SEO guy here in French Lick Indiana, he has been doing Web Desgn

for a while now. he has a web site and has some good infortmation about doing web design helping small business to get more leads. the name of the game is do good content on your web sites and they will do well in the rankings. there is many things to doing this kind of work, many people do not even know how to do web design and much less do SEO to help small business to rank well.


some of the challenges to doing this is to find plenty to talk about on your blog. information is king on the internet and when your haveing trouble with content it can be a headache. so the best thing you can do is put yourself in their shoes. feel their pain at times it is the one thing you can do to find things to write about. the more you can come up with good content the better off you will be .


so if your in the need for web site design, call him up and let him give you a free consultation on what your business need to grow online.

we took a ride the other day !

Fun out for the day


we decide to go for a ride in style and hve a tour from the local Limo Business, we were treated very well and had the most fun in a long time, the driver come to our home and we were dressed really nice. she wore a dress and I had on a great suit.


so we left early in the day and traveled all around the country for a while and we talked, and then drank some wine.

then she told me to have the driver to stop at a nice resturaunt so we could eat dinner, after orsering the food and having some wine before the food showed up. she said she was having the time of her life and I was as well.

the waiter told us the food would be a while but that was ok and we would rather wait on the food than to leave and find another place to eat. so after a while the food come to our table and it all look very good and I was very hungry by now. so I asked her if she thought it was going to be a good dinner and she agreed with it.

so now that the dinner was over and we had some wine in us it was time to hop back in our Limousine and head down to the next stop on our trip for the day. she was so beautyful and I was enjoing this so very much. this was a day to remember for us both.

so now after the meal was kind of behind us I asked her is she wanted to go dancing some and she agreed that it would be fun. we went bto buy some Fireworks in a small town near by so it could be set off while we were out in the country. whe she lit the fuse we ran as fast as we could to get out of the way.